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     Mike Hamel is a singer/songwriter with a bit of a different approach. Though his background is in the alternative genre, his style stems from many different musical influences, resulting in an infectious, dynamic batch of songs.


   "Usually the term singer - songwriter takes on a folk ideal - very laid back and flowery. But my music is so much more than that," he explains. "It's visceral, it's energetic, it's passionate... I want people to feel something."


     Based out of Beacon, NY, Mike has garnered a following in the Hudson Valley area and beyond thanks to his intensely emotional and energetic live shows. Whether it's with a full band or stripped down to just himself and a guitar, Mike manages to capture the room.

     Hamel has independently released 3 eps: "Where the Change Is" (2012), "Truth" (2015), and his latest release "Lies" (2016). All of which are available online and in choice brick-and-mortar retailers. 


     "These new songs are going to be a huge step for me. I'm branching out from the alt-rock-ness of my music and bringing some different stuff to the table. There's some r&b, there's some blues, there's some heavier tunes... It's all over the place, but it still gels." 


     Mike Hamel is available for live shows, studio sessions, or backup performing. Send an inquiry at the Contact page for more information on your request.


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